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Exploring Different Types of Museums

By: Mevish Jaffer

No matter which city you are located in, or travel to on vacation within the United States, you can always count on visiting different museums in order to experience an eclectic background of art, history and scientific innovations. In fact, there are several types of museums throughout the country that you can choose to explore. Some of the popular ones include art museums, historic museums and science museums.

What to Expect at Art Museums

Most museums in America boast both diverse art exhibits and collections from many different genres. Typical American art collections that can be found in museums include works such as paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures and more. Other types of collections you may come across at different art museums may consist of ceramic, stone, cloth or gold and silver artifacts from different cultural groups. Many art museums that showcase African art collections may utilize ceremonial or utilitarian artifacts and other objects that are exclusive to the culture, such as detailed beadwork, fabric, wooden figurines, masks and ceramics.

Many art museums also host events and provide certain educational opportunities for people to participate in. For example, gallery talks and lectures are often options best suited for adults, while camps and drawing workshops may appeal more to youths of the community. Most art museums also provide other forms of educational activities which families, schools and teachers can all get involved in. Additionally, tours and internship programs are also commonly offered by art museums for colleges and other educational institutions.

Historic Museums: Going back in time

Historic museums throughout the nation are usually housed in historical buildings and strive to preserve the heritage of their cities so that when people visit, they can have the experience of going back in time and discovering what life was like in the early days. Typical historic museums boast exhibits and collections featuring agricultural artifacts, antiques, documents and memorabilia which are specifically related to the history of the region they are located in.

Some historic museums also incorporate a research library where you can sit and look through early newspapers or genealogical material. You can also come across exhibits at different historic museums that showcase several rooms decked out in period furnishings, such as early schoolrooms or country stores.

Science Museums and Centers

Science museums and centers are a great place for both adults and children to visit as they provide a unique environment for hands-on learning in a creative manner that appeals to both age groups. The main objective of most science museums is to demonstrate how science plays a role in everyday life and impacts the things we do.

Science museums generally provide a variety of different engaging activities for people to partake in. For example, you can often experience different on-site exhibits, theatrical performances, scientific classes and innovative events. Many science museums also provide off-site educational programs within the schools of their community in an effort to promote awareness. Science museums are also the perfect place for schools to go on class fieldtrips.

Other Types of Museums

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are also some other types of museums which are worth considering. Wax museums have a tendency to attract many tourists who are on vacation, as most showcase celebrity look-alikes whom they can snap some quick pictures with! Other types include hall of fame and national museums, which both tend to be rich in historical memorabilia.

Admission fees for entry purposes to different museums generally vary depending on certain factors. For example, most of the time people from different organizations, groups or schools can receive discounted prices or gain free admission. It is always best to call ahead and find out information relating to specific entrance charges. You should also keep in mind that most museums do not permit any food or drinks on the premises and failure to adhere to the rules and regulations can wind up getting you kicked out of the establishment.

The next time you find yourself looking for something to do, remember that you can always get your family and friends together and go to a museum. So whether you are in the mood to look at some diverse pieces of art, experience life in the early days or discover new and exciting scientific innovations, you can be sure that different museums throughout the U.S. will have everything you are looking for!

Date: 4/12/2011 4:57:21 PM
wow il go to an art museum for sure