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(1) Reviews
Categories: Household Appliance
10115 Transportation Way
Cincinnati, OH 45246

(513) 942-4411

(513) 791-0093


Year Founded: 1962
Annual Revenues: 18944979
Employees: 100
Currently: Fair
Temp: 67F
Winds: 0mph

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Recker and Boerger advertised a washer/dryer set in their ad in the Sunday paper. We went in on Monday to get the set. They kept trying to sell us a different set. Long story short, they refused to honor the ad. We got several excuses along the way as to why they wouldn't honor it (wrong brand was pictured, picture was wrong color, ad company messed up, etc). They ended up putting all the blame on the company that prints their ads (even though Jim Recker approved a proof of the ad before it printed). This company can not be trusted. It is full of liars.